Our Future Center Programs

Fam 1st Family is working on a number of programs and service that demonstrate our vision and future goals.

Reach For Your Dream‘s Scholarship

The Reach For Your Dreams Scholarship is awarded to one youth each year. The scholarship recipient is someone who has shown outstanding character in the face of adversity, maintains a firm conunitment to reaching their goals, has a positive outlook on life and is a positive role model to other youths in their community.

Each year we partner with a like-minded organization responsible for identifying the current recipient. This year our panner is Youth Alive, an Oakland based organization that strives to prevent violence and provides support to victims of violent crimes. To learn more about Youth Alive please go to www.youthalive.org

Pro’s vs. ACT/SAT Workshops

Tutoring & mentoring program to help improve student and student-athletes ACT/SAT scores)

So often, inner-city children excel in high school sports, but do not have the educational foundation at home to excel equally in the classroom.
Athletic scholarships are often revoked because of partially qualifying or not qualifying at all to the academic requirements of that college or

There are three basic requirements that most colleges or universities adhere to when admitting a student athlete:

  1. Most colleges or universities require a 2.5 GPA or better.
  2. Most colleges or universities require students to score at least a 17 on the ACT and an 860 on the SAT depending on those school academic guidelines.
  3. By registering through the Clearinghouse this governing body makes sure all academic requirements are met and that the students are clear to attend the college or university of their choice.

If one of the three requirements is not met. a student is referred to as a partial qualifier. a category that a large number of inner-city student-athletes seem to fall under.

The two-hour SAT and ACT workshops will be coordinated to begin 6 weeks prior to SAT and ACT testing dates. The workshops will be spearheaded by local volunteers to help high school students and student-athletes reach the required scores on standardized tests and become fully qualified according to college or university requirements. To ensure each student and student-athlete’s full participation and attendance at every study session and exam. each former NFL player will adopt 1-5 participants.

Literacy Programs:

Partnering with Reading Partners

Financial Training:

Partner with Wells Fargo to teach youth on financial planning

Academic Program:

Partnering with 715 Fitness

Media Center/ Recording Studio:

Art Program:

“Lil Picasso’s”
Partnering with Samcee Cain

Athlete Fundamentals:

Partnering with 715 Fitness

Law and Order program:

Create a law system where youth can play the roles of a judge, plaintiff, lawyers, cops and resolve all issues within the center at court Fam 1st Court. If a rule is broken, the youth will set a court date and reach a verdict eg. clean the bathrooms for a week, can’t participate in a certain program for a week etc.